A 10-point checklist to master any ecommerce peak season!

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Here are some tips further developed in the report!

Keeping your customer happy

Prioritize quick response times and courteous service, supported by a strong customer support team guided by a meaningful mission statement, and consider 24/7 availability or language support if needed.

Streamlining your team's workload

Provide pre-made reply templates for common customer inquiries, ensuring easy access to an up-to-date Knowledge Base for Black Friday/Holiday Sales information, and investing in training to familiarize your team with efficient tools and software before the peak period, ultimately saving time and enhancing customer support quality.

Avoiding customer confusions

Ensure clear return policies, transparent contact hours, and proactive communication about potential response delays, while optimizing your FAQ page and self-service options to minimize unnecessary inquiries.

Embracing automation the right way

Reduce handling time and increase customer satisfaction by implementing a triage process with AI solutions, considering chatbots for specific queries and structured information collection, automating back-office task, etc.

Here's to a successful ecommerce peak season!

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