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How does Webhelp
optimize the customer experience?

Detecting customer needs

Based on our expertise in analytics, we can create customer typologies compliant with their needs and the channel used. Turning occasionally difficult conversations into pleasant and productive exchanges, or even sales opportunities.

Optimizing the multi-channel customer journey

We have developed sound expertise and powerful tools for managing customer relations, whether multichannel or omni-channel (voice, digital and social networks). We create perfectly optimised and personalised journeys aimed at reducing customer effort.

Simplifying processes

Alongside our customer opinion survey, our sophisticated approach to measuring customer effort analyses the actual progress of interactions in connection with customer journeys.

Our aim is to identify obstacles and defects that need to be corrected, but also detecting opportunities that can be seized.

Measuring your performance

Optimising customer experience requires the ability to analyse your own results and challenge yourself on an ongoing basis. At Webhelp, we listen to what our advisors and clients have to say so that we can improve what we offer.

An ecosystem of experts

Half a day per week, you could come to our workspaces to organize sessions dedicated to customer experience.

This will put you at the heart of our ecosystem of experts in optimizing the multi-channel customer experience

Benefiting from the best technology

Webhelp is here to help its customers and sees itself a technology enabler. We facilitate the selection and use of the best technologies (new digital channels, big data, Artificial Intelligence, etc.). This is the reason for our technology partnerships and ongoing dialogue with the most innovative startups.

About Webhelp

With a presence in 35 countries and more than 55.000 employees, Webhelp is a global player in business process outsourcing, specialising in customer experience, payment management, sales and marketing services across voice, social and digital networks.

Since 2014, Webhelp has adopted an acquisition strategy based on two strategic priorities: the development of new geographical regions to meet the needs of its international clients, and the creation of new business lines to cover the whole customer experience.


In 2016, Webhelp acquired several companies dedicated to social media strategy with Netino by Webhelp, and digital strategy with MyStudioFactory. In 2017, the company acquired Direct Medica, the leading company in France for multi-channel relationships between healthcare players, and Green Point, a pioneer in digital and mobile KYC process management. Webhelp has thus demonstrated its ongoing commitment to being the preferred partner for meeting customers’ expectations.

The Webhelp group is committed to its five core values: recognition, unity, commitment, integrity and the Wow effect. These fundamental values form the bedrock of our identity and are the inspiration that enables us to design the ideal omni-channel customer experience, with a constant focus on satisfying our customers.

We do all we can to enable company employees to thrive in a working environment where they will be happy.

Our success is a passion shared by all!