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The Nest by Webhelp

Our objectives

The customer experience is a decisive competitive advantage to help overcome customer behaviour volatility and the proliferation of channels. Webhelp is here to help startups deliver the best customer experience in their market.

To promote competitiveness and growth, we offer startups our network of experts, customers and technology partners, both in France and abroad.

Innovation, the startup spirit, and a strong growth strategy are part of our DNA. We are deploying the ambitious The Nest by Webhelp to become the partner of tomorrow’s businesses.


CX accelerator

In a highly competitive environment, optimising customer experience is a priority, structure-building lever for growth.


The selected startups will benefit from personalised support and mentoring from Webhelp experts.

Investment support

Fundraising, as we know, is a key part of being a startup. Our aim is to provide you with our expertise to deploy a programme of excellence and to support you as your business soars.




Our experts will be there to provide support as you think things through and brainstorm.


The Nest by Webhelp will help in the organisation of workshops to meet your needs.


Our support will help you refine your pitch, sometimes by highlighting the role of the customer experience.

Expert involvment

Our network of experts and partners will be mobilised to contribute to collective reflection.


Our facilities are available for breakfast, after-work or evening events.