NFTs – A digital revolution with real-world implications

NFTs are a completely novel asset class. (…) Once we understand them, we can understand how to build businesses around them

Harvard Business Review

NFTs offer a new world of possibilities for digital ownership and brands

Get up to speed on this new type of asset and understand how NFTs could reshape your industry

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NFTs Whitepaper A digital revolution with real world implications

The Nest supports the growth of startups & scale-ups reshaping market trends and creating new usages, from NFT marketplaces to last-mile mobility players. To better understand the potential impact of NFT, from the emergence of the metaverse to DeFi, and to help you get up to speed on these new assets, we have put together a comprehensive article demystifying the subject and giving you insights on how to adapt to it.

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  1. How do NFTs offer a new world of possibilities for digital ownership?
  2. How are non-fungible tokens already changing your industry?
  3. What do you need to make your customers’ experience keep up with the NFT revolution?