Setting up your dream team – What are the first steps?

Wondering what the first few weeks of our partnership might look like?
Here are some insights on the first steps!

Setting up your dream team – What are the first steps?

By The Nest by Webhelp

Wondering what the first few weeks of our partnership might look like?

Here are some insights on the first steps, which we will conduct hand in hand with you to work in the easiest and most efficient way possible for you and for our advisors to integrate perfectly into your team!

Understanding your business

Step number one for any successful implementation is a fluid communication in between us and our clients. The objective is initially to pinpoint all key aspects for a solid implementation and development of daily operations.

When setting up an operation for The Nest by Webhelp, the main concepts we like to apply are: Efficiency & Transparency. We like to be fast but guide you on every step we´ re taking all the way until operations are running.

By the extended experience working with startups and other major business, we are able to implement the best solutions acquired with years of experience in the business to suggest you improvement ideas and renewed strategies to better serve your customers and develop your business (e.g. to accelerate speed of resolution, customer satisfaction, increase in productivity, avoid bottlenecks, etc.)

Defining the best location for your needs

To date, The Nest by Webhelp counts with 19 dedicated hubs where we run operations from. The final decision of where the operations will be delivered from are fully based on your business needs.

First, the languages that you need (The Nest counts with 40+ supported languages across our sites), then the services your needs require (Customer Care, Technical Support, B2B/C sales, Financials, Content moderation, etc.) in order to find the hub with the best talents able to deliver these services. Also, we will take into consideration other requirements that might influence this decision such as time zones to be covered, 24/7 support, etc.
In any case we have a wide range of possibilities to define the best location for your needs.

Defining the best profiles for your team

Delivering services for Startups requires specific profiles slightly different from what you can expect when you think about the “usual BPO provider”.
The reason for that is these talents need to thrive in an agile, rapidly evolving environment, where the company brand identity must be reflected in their daily interactions with customers. The usual competences required from a The Nest advisor would include the following:

  • Dynamic, multi-taskers, possibly with technical expertise (depending on the department), for whom a constantly changing job stimulates motivation and eliminates monotony. Autonomous people, who are able to suggest continuous improvement ideas for the service and who are also very (healthy) competitive within their team.

For the Team Leader we look for very similar characteristics, but with additional experience in leadership or at least someone who has a leader personality and can influence their teams.

Training, Nesting and start of operations

Our people are our most valuable asset, so part of our company´ s culture is to preserve and motivate them for their development, which will automatically become The Nest´ s and our client´ s development.

The initial training is often organized hand in hand with your company in order to transmit not only the procedures and working information but also the concept and spirit of your enterprise: this way we empower our advisors, so they feel even more as part of your team.
This practice drives our teams to overdeliver in the short/long term as they represent your brand.

When training is finalized, we strictly follow a 2-3 weeks “nesting phase” where our senior Team Leaders and higher management will closely monitor our advisor’ s development, adjusting your team in order to deliver the best results. Based on this practice, our advisors will be evaluated and retained according to their development.

From the moment we have signed an agreement with your company, the usual implementation time is around 2-5 weeks depending on your needs and type of business. We are always pushing for “earlier than expected” where we develop systems to automate and avoid delays in the basic pillars of your implementation.

When it comes to tools and technology, we can adapt to your existing tech stack, to all your tools (CRM, back office, phone solution, ticketing, etc.) and processes, facilitating a smooth implementation and easier training from both sides. To help you create the best customer experience, your dedicated business consultant will help you design a 5-star customer journey framework, identifying the crucial touchpoints and sharing sectorial and ecosystem best practices.
They will also help you select the most relevant technology services for your needs, including via our network of technology partners, constantly evolving to provide you with the latest innovative solutions.

Development of reporting for operations steering & transparency

As mentioned earlier, Efficiency & Transparency are key success factors of The Nest projects. Part of the short/mid term process is to develop Operations and Voice of Customer Reporting. The goal here is provide a space for you to closely monitor the daily operations we deliver and understand what is the satisfaction level of your customers towards our services.

If you´re afraid that you will lose contact with your own customers, don´ t! Our core business is to work in constant collaboration with you and share their feedbacks.

Therefore you will constantly be updated of the trends observed and additionally we build real time access to tools where you can access it by yourself and measure your client´ s satisfaction. Based on these feedbacks, we will improve our services and adapt them even better to your customers, and you will be able to share these insights with your products’ teams to improve your products and services as well.

This practice allows either your company or ours to change and adapt, seeking continuous improvements in the services we provide. We often develop these tools based on what our clients already have implemented. In case we need to start from scratch we would, otherwise we adapt to the client´s resources.

Another very important aspect of the finest operational steering is a solid quality plan where we evaluate how the interactions in between our team and your customers are being held. We only expect excellency in each and every case handled. We develop it in conjunction with your expectations of a great service, implement tools to monitor interactions and evaluate them in a standardized way optimizing your customer´ s satisfaction and avoiding any deviance on contact handling. We suggest a monthly calibration in between us, to make sure we´re always measuring these contacts according to your expectations and evolving together with your business.

The Nest by Webhelp is here to simplify our client´ s day to day business always keeping things visible for them. Just so they don´t need to worry about it too much but are aware that we´ re taking care of their customers following the highest standards in the business.
We aim to adapt to whatever their needs are (tools, processes, languages, profiles, working hours, etc.) so we can make things simple.

In case you feel in need of support in any aspect of your company´s operation, you can count on us for a super quick implementation with the highest quality and reliability.
After we´re part of your team, would you need to grow in another language/location, implement a new service ? We are able to adapt and provide simulations for whatever your need might be.