Welcome to the Metaverse - New opportunities and challenges for brands in ever-changing virtual worlds

The Metaverse opens a whole new way for brands to connect with their consumers.
But this new virtual world also brings unprecedented challenges for businesses. 

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A guide to the metaverse for further understanding of the market-changing trends

The Nest supports the growth of startups & scale-ups reshaping market trends and creating new usages, from NFT marketplaces to Metaverse builders. To keep you in the race to the metaverse, we have put together a comprehensive article demystifying the subject and giving you insights on how to adapt to it. From user-generated content moderation, extended reality and Web 3.0 to NFTs, you’ll find everything you need to understand this CX revolution .

The startups defining

  1. What is the metaverse and who are the companies building it?

  2. How are brands entering the metaverse space? Is this new universe already changing your industry?

  3. How to deliver the best customer experience in the metaverse and protect your users?

You can think of the metaverse as an embodied internet where instead of viewing content, you are in it

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